Condado Beach Vistas

Bienvenidos... Discover your second home...

Welcome... "This is your home..." Explore the shores of Puerto Rico... discover ancient Spanish colonial fortresses and the Old San Juan City with its famed architecture and nightlife, go hiking in the only rainforest US National Park Service "El Yunque", go snorkelling in coral reefs, kayak through bioluminescent waters, or simply relax by the beach. Consider a getaway to our lushly appointed condos on Puerto Rico’s famed Condado Beach

Discover why "Puerto Rico does it better!"  


Condado Beach Vistas is a privately own and registered hotelier company operating in Puerto Rico from Washington, District of Columbia. Your room tax goes to "Puerto Rico Tourism Company" to foment tourism in Puerto Rico. We comply with the room tax act 272 and fully support the law. Our hotelier ID number is: 06-79-14-1497. For more information about room tax act 272 you may email: or call 787-721-2400 

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